Our Mission
Sunrise Pediatric Associates is dedicated to the care of infants, children, and adolescents.  We are committed to providing excellent medical care to all of our patients and caring support to their parents and families.  We are open to suggestions on how to improve the service we provide.  We welcome open discussion on all aspects of your child’s medical care.  We encourage questions, even tough ones, when you don’t understand.  We want to help you identify your needs and goals so you will meet those needs and achieve those goals.  If there are obstacles, we want to help you to remove them or navigate through or around them. 

We look forward to working with you in the future.  
Our children are our hope for the future.

Services We Provide

           Sunrise Pediatrics provides quality care for all aspects of your child's medical needs from wellness to illness for children aged birth through 21 years.

  • Free parent visits for expectant parents and prospective new patients to meet the doctor and see the office 
  • Comprehensive care from birth through college-aged children
  • Same day appointments for sick children
  • Saturday morning appointments for sick children
  • Administration of all childhood vaccines including seasonal influenza vaccine
  • 24 hour physician telephone availability for urgent concerns
  • Specialized consultations regarding school performance, behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder, and growth and development concerns
  • Health physicals for school, sports participation and summer camp
  • Preoperative exams
  • Coordination of care with hospitalists at Children's Hospital when hospital admission is required
  • Scheduling outpatient laboratory and radiology services
  • In- office minor laboratory testing
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Ear piercing
  • Kidmed health screenings 
  • Participation in Vaccines for Children and Links vaccine tracking programs

3116 6th Street, Suite 101     Metairie, LA  70002   l   Tel:(504)837-9000    Fax:(504)837-8293
New Patients
You may find it helpful to print the following two forms, fill them out at your convenience at home, and bring them to the first office visit.  This will ensure a shorter wait time before being seen on the day of the first visit.  Just click on the forms below to access them for printing.

New Patient Form

 Parent Consent Form

Please use black ink when filling out the forms.

Healthy Children

 Parents may find the following link, provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics, to be a valuable resource of helpful information concerning the health and well being of their children.


Poison Control

 Find immediate assistance with accidental                   ingestions of medications or potentially poisonous       substances or exposures to toxic or harmful               chemicals by calling:

 Find out... 
 ... how to poison proof your home
 ... tips for babysitters and caregivers
 ... poison prevention
 ... more 
              ... by visiting the following link

Programs Available for Children with Special Needs

 Early Steps
-- for established patients only